The children

For the children there is plenty of entertainment in the area, including the Parc des Combes, Le Pal, Touroparc, Diverti'Parc or Acro'bath. The castles in the area (and there are a lot) oranise activities specially for children in the summer. A special booklet is issued each year to bring all possibilities for children under one’s attention. In Matour are walking trails specially for children.

Of course, we have our own pool, but in the region there are also swimming pools in Matour, La Clayette and Dompierre. There is a nice beach lake near Rousset. Horseback riding, pony rides, pottery, chocolate making, a wagon ride, a boat trip, there are plenty of possibilities for children. A little further away is Bibracte, a Gaulish village and an archeological interesting museum. In 'Musee des Ursulines' in Mâcon children can discover the history of the region in a very nice way. In the second half of July there is the 'Festival des mômes and pays Charolais'. It 's a free festival where kids and families can enjoy themselves.

Finally, there are at least three restaurants in the area, very well suited for children.


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